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30% of the containers that transport cargo worldwide are empty

Less CO2

30% de los contenedores que transportan carga a nivel mundial, están vacíos

We are sustainable

Green Foldable Container is an efficient and sustainable solution to the environment

We are a Startup that seeks to contribute for saving the planet, significantly reducing C02 emissions, introducing efficiency in the global transport logistics chain, through a 100% environmentally sustainable folding container: “Green Foldable Container”.
— 2021

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The problem

The transportation and repositioning of empty containers is a serious environmental problem that affects of all us.

Empty Containers

On average 20% to 30% of the containers transported on ships are empty, that is, air is transported in each of them.


The repositioning of empty containers generates a source of contamination that is unsustainable over time for humanity

CO2 emissions

Approximately between 2% to 3% of Global CO2 Emissions generated by man are caused by international transportation. If concrete and significant actions are not taken to reduce it, in the year 2050, this figure could reach 10%.


The IMO (International Maritime Organization) is forcing the shipping industry to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by at least 50% by 2050.

High investment

It is projected that for the shipping companies to meet these objectives, they will have to invest around 1.65 TRILLION dollars.


The transportation industry spends 25 billion dollars on the problem of repositioning empty containers.

65 years

This inefficiency problem has not been solved for more than 65 years, and nowadays, its most critical moment, affecting the entire planet and each one of us.

Join us

Our planet cannot wait any longer, the time has come for sustainable and collapsible containers. It's time for Green Foldable Container.

The solution

We are a patented technological product, which seeks maximum efficiency in the transport logistics chain, through the folding mechanism of empty containers.

This allows companies in the shipping industry, ports, trucks and trains to significantly reduce their costs of replacement, transfer and storage of empty containers, generating significant economic savings for the transportation area.

GFC, We are Efficiency

We are Sustainability

GFC is a real solution

GFC is a real solution to the serious environmental problem of C02 contamination, which is generating the transport and replacement of empty containers.

We contribute to the sustainability of the planet and to the concept of Green Shipping.

GFC is a clear space efficiency and 100% sustainable technological solution.

GFC, collaborates to reduce the average of the C02 emissions, that daily generates the Container Transport Industry, especially the one of empty ones.

GFC helps the shipping companies to obey with the IMO standards, which requires reducing greenhouse gas emissions by at least 50% by 2050.

GFC is a Startup that promotes the “Circular Economy”, reusing the structure of containers that are in good condition, to give them a second life.

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Support and Alliances

GFC, has CORFO support in two different programs (CREA and VALIDA).

GFC has the first prototype built in Latin America, and for its folding and unfolding tests it works in Alliance with PUERTO CORONEL.

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